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Fiance Visa

If you and your significant other abroad are planning on getting married, the K1 fiance visa may be the fastest way for you to start a life together here in the USA! Click to learn more about the fiance visa process and whether you will be eligible to petition for your fiance. 

Family Visa

If  you want your spouse, parent, child, or sibling to move to the United States with a green card, you need to file a family visa petition. Click to learn more about who qualifies for a family visa petition, what you need to file, and how long your relative will have to wait for the visa.

Asylum and Deportation Defense

If you or a loved one is trying to fight against deportation, contact Portland Immigration Law to set up a consultation. Deportation defense is extremely complex. It is important to talk with an experienced immigration lawyer as soon as possible.



Portland Immigration Law is based in Portland, Oregon but serves clients around the world. We specialize in family reunification and fiance visas, asylum, deportation defense, and analyzing the immigration consequences of criminal charges. Immigration lawyer Cole Enabnit speaks Spanish, Russian, and English and proudly serves clients in all three languages.


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